Rio Pro 360 series


Printer Model Variants

  • Rio Pro 360 Uno – 3652-3001
  • Rio Pro 360 Uno Mag – 3652-3002
  • Rio Pro 360 Uno Smart – 3652-3003
  • Rio Pro 360 Uno Smart / Mag – 3652-3004
  • Rio Pro 360 Duo – 3652-3021
  • Rio Pro 360 Duo Mag – 3652-3022
  • Rio Pro 360 Duo Smart – 3652-3023
  • Rio Pro 360 Duo Smart / Mag – 3652-3024

Follow these steps to get started with the Rio Pro 360 Printer

Install the latest printer driver

Visit our support website to download the latest version of our the printer driver.

Windows Printer Driver

macOS Printer Driver


Install the latest printer firmware

Your printer should come with the latest available Firmware but incase you need to update please visit our support website.

Latest Printer Firmware


Register your printer to activate your warranty

We highly recommend you register your printer, this will activate your warranty and help if you ever require technical support.

Register your Printer


Information for unboxing and printer set-up

Read the following guides to learn how to setup and use your new printer.

User Manual 


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